Before you consider purchasing a horsebox, it’s worth spending some time deciding what you will be using it for so that you can work out exactly what it is you need.

Things to consider include what you can afford, how often you’ll be using it and for how long each time – this will dictate whether it is necessary to buy a horsebox with a fully-equipped living area and sleeping facilities, over one with a day living cab. This will also help you decide whether to look at motorised or towed horseboxes.

Another key consideration to think about is what you can legally drive. If you have a standard driving licence issued before 1997 then you can drive up to 7.5T, however, anything issued after that will only allow you to drive up to 3.5T, while anything over 7.5T will require a HGV licence.

Comfort for the animal

One thing that is often overlooked is whether the horsebox is big enough for your animal. To make sure that your horse is as comfortable and safe as possible take into consideration the size and strength of the chassis. Also make sure that the horsebox has plenty of ventilation, that there are no sharp edges or any loose fittings that could potentially hurt the horse.

Also make sure that the partition between the driver and animal is strong. Finally, ensure that it would be possible to get the horse out quickly and easily in the event of an emergency.


Finance and paperwork

We provide each of our horseboxes with a HPI certificate which confirms that the vehicle you are buying has never been in an accident, stolen and recovered and has no outstanding finance on it.

We don’t offer an ‘in-house’ finance facility, however there are a number of companies available who specialise in horsebox finance – our team are more than happy to help assist you in finding the right one for you.

What to check

Look out for any damp patches or rotting throughout the box. Make sure that you check the floor from both inside and underneath to make sure that it is strong and not damaged/cracked. Carry out the same checks on the ramp as the strength of this is very important too.

Check that the ramp hinges and springs are in good condition. It is also important to make sure that you can lift the ramp on your own – most horseboxes can be adjusted to make this easier for you and we are happy to adjust the ramp to your liking.

Carry out checks to the vehicles engine, looking out for things such as oil leaks and no damage to the tyres, as well as standard checks to the lights, indicators etc.

Remember to check the living accommodation thoroughly too, particularly if you’re looking at spending long periods of time in it. Ensure the internal lights and appliances are all working. Ask to see showers, heating, fridges etc, all working before purchasing the horsebox, as these are quite expensive to replace.


High-mileage is not a big issue when it comes to horseboxes. Many second-hand ones have covered hundreds of thousands of miles and modern trucks can do around 500,000 miles before needing major work. It is more important to thoroughly check the chassis of the vehicle. Some horseboxes have been converted from other vehicles – which is normal in the industry – however the chassis number will tell you what the vehicle was previously, and if the horsebox has been built on a vehicle that was accident damaged – at First horseboxes we do check these prior to sale.

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ref 522 63 plate Peugeot Boxer £22000

ref 522 63 plate Peugeot Boxer £22000

Select Hawk 63 plate Peugeot Boxer 3.5 ton horsebox. 

Mileage: 137,000 miles

New Build

Full years MOT

Carries 2 large horses rear facing.

Tack area to the rear with saddle/bridle racks and bench seating.


Price: £22,000



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Meet Jake Saywell

Meet Jake Saywell

Having started his career late by competing in BSJA classes at 12 years old, Jake has since won numerous medals at European competitions.

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